As part of the development and support program for students of the University of Finance and Management "Study. Living. Work in Warsaw" was created Academic Housing Network.

The offer of Academic Housing Network, we offer the possibility of accommodation while studying for Polish and foreign students. We offer places in single, double, triple. Getting to the University shall not exceed 30 minutes.

The apartments include a kitchen for common use by roommates, bathroom and toilet. The rooms are equipped with basic furniture - beds, desks, wardrobes.

The university currently has over 200 locations in more than 40 apartments.

In the coming years we plan to dynamic development of the Academic Housing Network.


  1. Warranty accommodation before the start of classes at the University
  2. Comprehensive service assistance and care coordinator Academic Housing Network
  3. The ability to check-in
  4. Good access to the university
  5. Minimum formalities
  6. Clear rules of tenancy and usage of apartments
  7. Attractive prices

Housing prices:

  1. Place in a single room 900 zł / month
  2. Place in a double room 800 zł / month
  3. Place in a triple room 650 zł / month

Given prices are valid for the academic year 2017/2018


Applications for places in the Academic Housing Network can be made using the recruitment system after logging into the account of the candidate or the Extranet.

Detailed information can be obtained by calling + 48 606 547 616 - Angelika Ben Mansour or at