The successes achieved in the rankings are commented the WSFiZ Rector, Prof. Maria Sierpińska, PhD

"Since the beginning of the University of Finance and Management in Warsaw we take care of employment of outstanding academics and scientific researchers from the country and abroad. As a result our position in subsequent rankings of universities is growing. We are also pleased with a very good opinion of students and candidates who are attracted to us by the opportunity to study under the guidance of excellent academic staff.
At the university there is carried out a number of important researches in various fields of science. Our scientists issue excellent academic textbooks and publish their articles in reputable foreign journals. These activities have a significant impact on the university growing position in the international academic community.
But above all we strive to create excellent conditions for our students in accordance with the principles "the university friendly for students". We provide practical knowledge that is necessary in today's job market. The university also dedicates significant resources to the Rector Scholarship for outstanding students. I am glad that our activities have a visible effect and have been appreciated by Polish and foreign jury rankings."


  • Best academic staff. Ranking of Perspektywy 2014

Ranking PerspektywAccording to the latest ranking of Higher Education, which was created in cooperation of the editors of the monthly "Perspektywy" and the newspaper "Rzeczpospolita", the University of Finance and Management in Warsaw employs the best academic staff in Poland.

We won in the category of the saturation of staff with the lecturers with the highest qualifications, significantly outpacing all, both public and non-public universities in Poland. This category specifies the number of highly qualified teaching staff at the university (with the degree of associate professor  or professor) in relation to the total number of the university academics. This means that our students learn from the best.

According to experts, the ranking of our university has a considerable academic potential, which gave us the fifth place in this group of criteria, and second place in the field of scientific publications among all surveyed private universities in Poland.

In terms of dedicated individual study programs the WSFiZ also triumphs.

Our faculty of psychology was ranked in the second place among all private universities in the country and in the third among scientific centers in Warsaw.

The administration faculty also took the second place within this field of study conducted by private universities across the country.

Politology led by the WSFiZ gained the third place in the ranking of Polish private universities.

In terms of economic faculties we took fifth place among private universities in Warsaw.

It is worth noting that each year we are getting higher in the ranking. We recorded a huge advancement from 38th place in 2010 to 16th in 2014   among 80 private MA universities across Poland.

We are pleased that we gained such a high position in the ranking - comments Dr Marcin Staniewski - Development Director of the WSFiZ-  As evidenced by the results the prestige of the University of Finance and Management in Warsaw is steadily growing. This is good news not only for the university authorities but above all for our students and graduates. With the growing reputation of the university the diplomas of the WSFiZ are valued higher and higher by demanding employers.­­­

The full ranking summary can be found at:



  • A distinction in the ranking of Home & Market 2014

Homen&Market-bannerFirst place in the group of private academic universities.

In the April issue of the economic magazine called "Home & Market" there was released a ranking of universities educating students of economic faculties. We are pleased with the fact that the University of Finance and Management in Warsaw gained in this ranking high position outpacing many other nationally recognized academic centers.

In the general classification the WSFiZ was ranked in the first place in category of private academic universities engaged in economic faculties.

Our educational possibilities and the potential of our infrastructure were particularly highly rated, putting us in these categories in the first position among all surveyed universities in Warsaw.

We are proud that the editors of "Home & Market" honored our humble university by placing us on the podium. In this way, we reaffirm our motto "good studies at a good price."



  • International ranking "Webometrics" January 2013

The University of Finance and Management in Warsaw best Polish non-public university in the international "Webometrics" rating!

Rakning Web of Universities

In the international ranking of "Webometrics" published in January 2013 the WSFiZ took first place among all private universities in Poland, at the same time being placed high across Europe and the world.

The International Universities Ranking "Webometrics" is prepared by the CSIC (Consejo Superior de InvestigacionesCientificas) - the Supreme Council for Scientific Research in Madrid. Ranking experts examine two areas of academic presence on the Web: visibility and activity. In terms of visibility the Impact of the Internet domain of the WSFiZ was analyzed. In the sphere of activity the scale of our presence and openness in the network was checked, as well as scientific excellence introduced to the online environment in the form of scientific articles.

It is worth noting that among 21,000 surveyed universities across Europe we took 605 place, which gave us at the same time 1836  in the world. Thus, the most prestigious universities we overtook national as well as several significant research centers in the world.