ELS (Electronic Student’s Card) is a Student’s ID card. If you just start studies at the UF&M in Warsaw find out what kind of benefits you can get with this card


ELS (Elektroniczna Legitymacja Studencka, Electronic Student’s Card) is a document which certifies the identity of the student.

It meets the requirements of the Minister of Science and Higher Education Order "About the documentation of the educational process."

The right to own such document have students who are studying at the University. ELS includes some owner's personal data: name, surname, ID number, address, student ‘s ID card number and photo. The same data are recorded in the electronic form in the memory of the student’s ID card. Also this card contains a hologram. This hologram displays expiry date of the student’s ID card. Holograms are useful in a case when there is no possibility to read the information in electronic form. For example, during the tickets checking.

How to get it?

If you just start an adventure with the UF&M in Warsaw note that it is necessary to:

1. Select ELS option on your Account in the Extranet system.

2. Download ID card photo. We uploaded the instructions for you how to do it correctly.

3. Make payment. You can also do this through the Extranet system.

ID card fee: 17 zł according to the Minister of Science and Higher Education Order "About the documentation of the educational process."

If you are our student and you have an older student’s ID card - you can exchange it to the ELS during the study process in the Dean's office. We will inform you about the date of exchange.

What kind of opportunities does ELS provide?

ELS can be used for additional purposes. Each student can use it as a library card, city travel card or as the payment card. ELS provides you with the discounts in shops, clubs, restaurants, museums, theaters.


New student’s ID card fills the function of a library card. You can get an access to your library account by using it.

City travel card (Karta Miejska ZTM)

ELS can be used as the travel card, which is issued by the ZTM offices. But note that you have to fill your ELS card account as the ZTM card J  


ELS can be used as the payment (debit) card to the Eurokonto Intro account in the Bank Pekao S.A.

The payment function has to be activated in such way:

1. Create an account with the Eurokonto card Intro and the MasterCard ELS card.

2. Activate the MasterCard ELS - use your PIN to pay the purchases or withdraw money from the ATM.

If you already have got Eurokonto Intro account in Bank Pekao S.A visit one of the Bank Pekao S.A offices and the consultants will help to solve formal issues.