ELS is for all! We invite you to change your ID card in paper form to the electronic ID card.

Dear Student,

You can change your traditional ID card to the electronic ID!

We invite you to order ELS through your Extranet account.


ELS (Electronic Student’s ID card, Elektroniczna Legitymacja Studencka) is the document which identifies student.

This card is issued according to the Ministry of Science and High School Education order dated on the 14.09.2011. This card contains touch and proximity interfaces.

Students can possess this card until the day of studies completion, academic breaks or until the date of deletion from student’s list. ELS contains personal data of its holder, ID number (PESEL), address, album number and photo. The same data are input in the electronic form in ID card memory. This card keeps an information about the its expiry date and this data confirms by proper label on the backside of ELS. Labels are useful in a case when there are no possibilities to scan data in electronic form.

Changing of ID card is voluntary. 


STEP 1. Order ELS in the Extranet system.
STEP 2. Upload photo in electronic form (according to the requirements).
STEP 3. Make payment for ID card in amount 17/25.5 zlotys at the cash desk or transfer it to your personal account number (personal account number is available in your Extranet account, tab Finances).
STEP 4. Verify data.

On the day of receiving ELS students have to pay all their debts.


Before the verification – until the time of photo verification and ELS payment confirmation,
Verified – photo is correct, fees have been paid,
Preparing –ELS preparation is in the process,
Receive – you can get ID card at the Documentation dept. (room 53).

It is necessary to give back your ID card in a paper form when you will receive ELS.


ELS can be used as library card, city travel card and for making payments. You can get extra discounts in shops, museums, clubs, restaurants, museums, cinemas, theatres etc. additionally.


ELS fulfills function of the UFM Library card. You can get an access to your library account using it. 


ELS card can be coded in any ZTM code points. So you can use it as a usual ZTM travel card..


ELS can fulfill function of the MasterCard debit card to Eurokonto Intro od Bank Pekao S.A.

Payment function of ELS is inactive when you get it. In a case you would like to activate it it is necessary to activate it by following next steps:

  1. Make an account Eurokonto Intro in Bank Pekao S.A.
  2. Activate your ELS Mastercard by using PIN-code and pay for goods, services or get cash from ATMs.

If you will activate payment function of your ELS you could make purchases in Poland, pay through the Internet and get cash from Bank Pekao S.A. ATMs.

In a case you already have Euroconto Intro you should Visit Bank Pekao S.A. department and consultants will help you to fulfill formalities.  .