The Department of European Projects is a unit of the University of Finance and Management in Warsaw and the University of Information Technologies responsible for the preparation and implementation of projects co-financed by the European Union.

As part of the projects we create modern curricula in accordance with the requirements of the labour market, shape the pro-innovative and pro-entrepreneurial attitude of students, promote entrepreneurship and self-employment, preventing unemployment as well as professional and social exclusion. We support the professional activity of women, including women returning to the labour market after a break related to childbirth / parenting, people with disabilities, the unemployed, people over 45 years old. Thanks to our projects in Mazovia there have been created 125 new companies.

We work with national and international research centres, businesses, local government units. We create a friendly environment which is conducive to cooperation between science and business and the innovation development. 


The Department of European Projects is currently in the implementation process of the following projects:

1. "IT professionals in Business - the WSTI development program." Participation in the project is open to students of I, II or III year of the faculty of Information Technology from the University of Information Technologies. The project was carried out in the years of 2013-2015;
 Projects completed and implemented in the years of 2009 - 2014:

1. "Manager of Research Projects" - 50 eminent scientists gained a unique knowledge of the commercialization of research, cooperation with business and project management; won an international certificate of PRINCE2 Foundation;

2. "IT in Poland and in the world-achievements and challenges" - 180 students participated in symposia on the use of IT in business, the symposia with distinguished international experts, practitioners and representatives of companies;

3. "Professionalism - the leverage of trade" - 50 people - employees of the trade sector gained knowledge on sales techniques, business negotiations, project management and received international certificate PRINCE2Foundation;

4. "I teach computer science with passion" - 60 teachers gained new skills to teach computer science and information technology, studies in English and with modern methods;

5. "I am a working woman" - there have been created 20 companies founded by women who returned to the labour market after a break related to childbirth and / or upbringing of the child;

6. "Become your own boss in Poland" - there have been created 23 companies founded by individuals who have returned from emigration from abroad; ongoing project. The project implemented in partnership with the City of Warsaw;

7. "The enterprising Mazovia" - there have been created 42 companies founded by people with disabilities, people over 45 years old., the unemployed, women who returned to the labour market after a break related to childbirth and / or upbringing of the child; The project implemented in partnership with the City of  Warsaw;

8. "Without barriers to your own business" - there have been created 15 new companies founded by people with disabilities or unemployed;


 9. "Start for innovative companies II" - 180 students participated in training and consulting in the field of entrepreneurship including principles of setting up and running an innovative company spinn off / out;


10. "Become a creative entrepreneur". A project for 120 students / graduates. The program includes: away trainings, creativity trainings, Business English classes, PRINCE2 certified trainings, trainings on setting up and running own business of the spin off / out type;