Brain Awareness Week is educational event which is held one time a year to popularize knowledge about brain, nervous system and its normal functioning and pathologies. An idea to popularize brain researches appeared in the USA in second half of the 90th. And now each year different lectures are organized to represent results of the brain’s research. Brain Awareness Week will be held in Poland for the 18th time.

Initiator of such contest in Warsaw is Scientific Circle of Experimental Psychology and Psychophysiology. Brain’s Day will be organized with the support of “Neuropozytywni”. Main sponsor –

We invite all interested persons to participate in lectures, workshops and experiments on the 25th of March (UFM in Warsaw, 55, Pawia str. From 10 until 17:00).

Participants will take part in lectures provided by Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz regarding neurobiological conditions of sexuality; lectures provided by Polish Institute Mindfulness (Zuzanna Ziomecka, Jolanta Tadeusiak regarding mindfulness influence to our mind, Krzysztof Kanty regarding modern methods and instruments brain’s research, incl. X-Ray, MR systems, PET/CT etc.; Marzena Wasilewska from Budzik clinics will tell about changeable conditions of awareness and representative of Attention and Psychotherapy Institute will inform about the role of attention and commiseration in Psychologist and Psychotherapist job).

Program of the event:

10.00-11.00: prof. Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz “Neurobiological conditions of sexuality”

11:30-12:30: Zuzanna Ziomecka, Jolanta Tadeusiak (Polish Institute Mindfulness) „Who rules – in what way does mindfulness creates sense”

12:45-13:45: Krzysztof Kanty (UFM in Warsaw) „Selected graphic methods of brain’s research review”

14:00 – 15:00: Marzena Wasilewska “Changeable conditions of awareness”

15:30 – 17:00: Filip Kołodziejczyk (IUiP) Attention and Psychotherapy Institute “Role of attention and commiseration in Psychologist and Psychotherapist job”.

We additionally invite you to participate in workshops from 10:00 – “Trainee your body, trainee your brain”, which is organized by certified coach, Ms. Alicja Surdy. You can sign up for participation by filling registration form. Participants could take part in experiments, offered by Scientific Circle of Experimental Psychology and Psychophysiology, Neuro Device Group representatives in the field of eyetracking and EEG with usage of special devices ( You can sign up for participation by filling registration form too.

Kindly invite you to take part in meeting with NeuroPozytywni Foundation representatives who will tell about people with multiple sclerosis functioning.


Come, have a fun, take part in experiments and discover brain’s secrets with us!